Go Clean and Save Money

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Why install solar?

  • Great investment through reduced electricity bills
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by offsetting traditional power generation
  • Protection from continually rising electricity prices
  • Reliable, no moving parts and virtually maintenance free
  • Enjoy independence from the grid
  • Excess solar power can further increase savings by selling to the electricity network, stored in batteries or diverted to EV Car charging or hot water cylinders

Keep up with the pace

New Zealand's Climate Change Commission released a report in January, 2021 announcing a commitment to 'decarbonise' the economy with "transformational and lasting change across society and in response to the climate crisis."

The report found New Zealand will miss its emissions reduction targets if it doesn't engage in "strong and decisive action now" and recommended ambitious limits on the amount of greenhouse gases the country should be allowed to release over the next 15 years.

Solar power initiatives for households and businesses will be central to these plans so there has never been a better time for Kiwis to embrace solar technology.

While solar is a dependable, sustainable cost saver, getting your money's worth involves more than just laying some solar panels on top of your roof. It takes a system built to match your unique energy needs. With the right approach, a solar installation could reduce your monthly energy bills by 40-70%.

Switch your bill to Deep Energy

By switching your power bill to Deep Energy, we maximum how much you can save. Depending on your setup, you can buy off your system or start using with very little deposit.

At the time that you are generating more power than you consume, we buy your excess power to support your neighbour.

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